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Planning Commission Meeting


Town of Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
June 10, 2015
5:30 p.m.


Present: Chairman Dale Simonson, Members Roger Bean, Paul Szymaszek, George Vukich, Keith Korbein, Shannon Vogele, Justin Sornsin, Zoning Administrator Dick Martin, Administrative Assistant Linda Ruiz
Also Present: Board Chairman Gregg Haunroth

The meeting was called to order in the Town of Germantown at 5:30 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance
The pledge of allegiance was recited by all.

March 11 and May 18 meeting minutes
A motion was made by Dale Simonson, seconded by George Vukich, to approve the minutes from the March 11 and May 18, 2015 commission meetings. Motion carried.

Discussion of Comprehensive Plan
Board Chairman Gregg Haunroth discussed the forming of a sub-committee to work on the Comprehensive Plan, which will in turn report back to the Plan Commission with their recommendation. Members Shannon Vogele, George Vukich and Dale Simonson said they would like to be on the sub-committee along with other members of the community who might apply to be on it.

Discussion and possible approval of recommending to the board a new fee schedule and amendments to associated ordinances
There was discussion on proceeding with removing all mention of fees from each ordinance that had a fee, and putting them in the fee schedule as was prepared by Linda. A couple changes to made are to change non-alcoholic fee to $5 in the liquor license.

Dale suggested to date the schedule as June 10, 2015 and present to the board for approval at the next board meeting. A motion was made by Keith Korbein, seconded by Justin Sornsin, to date the fee schedule with those two corrections as June 10, 2015 and present to the board for approval at the next board meeting. Each ordinance that had a fee being removed would have all mention of the fee removed and replaced with text instructing that you refer to the fee schedule. Motion carried 6-0, with member Roger Bean’s vote recorded as “present.”

Linda will send a link to everyone for the video available on the Wisconsin Towns Association website entitled Ordinance Adoption, Amendment & Enforcement.

Discussion and possible approval of recommending to the board to repeal Ordinance 8 (Camping ordinance)
Chairman Dale Simonson started by saying that he meant to discuss changing the ordinance, not repeal it.

Board Chairman Gregg Haunroth said someone complained about a camper in the Gardens – they wanted him to make him move. So people do seem to be concerned about the camping rules. He says if we do decide to repeal, we should have a public hearing to get input.

Roger Bean says look at Necedah – some lots have 3-4 campers and no facilities. In the Town of Germantown, one particular person may be of concern, but if repealed it could turn into more – like Necedah. State law says you can have 3 per parcel. If septic and well are on site, then there is not a camping ordinance problem. Last change to the ordinance is March 22, 2007

Roger Bean suggests putting a date stamp on all the electronic copies to verify which copy everyone is looking at. Gregg asked Linda to compare and show the dates.

Roger Bean motioned to table discussion on Ordinance 8, 2nd by Keith Korbein.

Member comments

Next Meeting Date:
July 8, 2015, 5:30 p.m. at the Town Hall

A motion was made by Justin Sornsin, seconded by Shannon Vogele, to adjourn at 6:01p.m. Motion carried 7-0.