Town of Germantown

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October 10, 2012 Germantown Planning Commission


5:30 p.m.
Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950


Meeting called to order 5:30 p.m.
Roll call- Mr. Bean-present, Mr. Vukich-present, Mrs. Brendle-not present, Chairman Simonson present, Mr. Collis-present, Mrs. Voegle present. Recognize others- Larry Koopman-Town Engineer and William Bruce- Zoning Administrator

Minutes of the September 12 meeting were read. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Mr. Bean. Second Mr. Collis. Motion carried. Chairman Simonson started on page 36 of Zoning Ordinance 22,
7.01 go through a thru f
*Roger- change the word undertaken to under taken.
7.02- Roger #3, 3.08 is vague.
*3.08 3(b) and (c ) discussed
Mr. Koopman- easier if directed to 3.08 (3) page 17
*3.08 refer to (3) (B) (C)
7.03 o.k.
7.04-Discuss Mr. Bruce handling cases in court which is covered in (b).
7.05- question if stiff enough. Mr. Bruce felt it has been good. Section is o.k.
8 covers court of Appeals- give this to Mr. Feldman to go over.
8.01-Concern- are all procedures are followed. Mr. Bruce gave an example of how this kept some development down- water park- when saw what they had to go through they walked away.
9- Mr. Vukich felt may be in violation of open meeting laws to continue.
Mr. Bean- can just discuss- no decision and no voting on this section.
9.01- o.k.
9.02- Amendment to Zoning Map-
* 3(b) (c ) and 4 (c ) change Master plan to Comprehensive Plan Land
Use Map discuss wording for Board of Appeals-
Discuss amending the Ordinance and Re Zoning Property
Roger- 9(d) decimal point in wrong place?
Mr. Bruce discussed FEMA creates flood plain maps, Juneau County hasn’t adopted the maps yet. County has Shoreland Protection. They have authority- they are the permitting agency.
* Remove a, b, c, d. add all matters referred to the County.
Add . (period) after the word ordinance.
* Mr. Bean-Add refer to County
Mr. Bruce- keep DNR and FEMA then refer to County.
*Drop A, B, C, D, E, F
Mr. Bean- if Town has no authority, doesn’t make any sense.
Mr. Bruce- we conform to the County. Also FERC controls much of this area.
Mr. Koopman- Roger’s point is that it shouldn’t be in.
Mr. Simonson Town Board does not permit changes to this. Any proposed changes should refer to Juneau County Zoning, DNR, FEMA. Delete A-F
Mr. Simonson -Sections 8 and 9 will be for next month.
Mr. Bean questioned doing definitions.
Mr. Koopman- The Town could call VanderWalle for help with definitions.
Next meeting will be November 14, 2012 at 5:30 p.m.
Motion was made by Mr. Vukich to approve changes to Sections 7 & 8.
Second by Mr. Bean.
Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Collis.. Second Mr. Simonson.
Motion carried.