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Planning Commission Meeting


Town of Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
September 12, 2012
5:30 p.m.


Meeting called to order by Chairman Simonson at 5:30 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call- Mr. Bean-present, Mr. Vukich-present, Mrs. Brendle-not present, Mr. Collis-present, Mrs. Vogele-present, and Chairman Simonson-present. Also in attendance Zoning Administrator Mr.Bruce

Mrs. Uphoff reported there is a quorum present.
Mr. Bruce verified meeting was properly posted.

Minutes of the Aug. 22nd meeting were read. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Mr. Collis. Second Chairman Simonson. Motion carried.
Chairman Simonson did research on State Statute 62. The Zoning Ordinance adopted State Statute 60.61 and feels it will change as the State Statute changes.

Mr. Koopman, Town Engineer, arrived

Review Section 6
6.01- no changes, 6.02-no changes, 6.03(a)-no changes, 6.03(b)- no change, 6.03(c) no change.6.04- Mr. Bruce explained that the applicant signs a statement that they will pay for fees specific to their projects.
6.04- Mr. Bean would like clarification- “certified” . Mr. Bruce- written acceptance to applicant. Form letter sent to applicant if o.k..
6.04(b) 12 items- covers all going to use.
6.04(c )- Land Use Map
6.04(d) – Mr Bruce showed what a site pan looks like. Discuss specific designations.
*CHANGE- 6.04(c ) Comprehensive Plan’s Land Use Map 6.04(d) o.k.
Roger 6.04(b)(12) if do, how interpret?
Mr. Bruce- look at if any questions if property exists, where it sits with the adjacent parcel.
Mr. Koopman- 6.04(b)(12) details the project, if something need to know about, need to be upfront.
Mr. Simonson- Intended Use with project with the adjacent properties.
Mr. Vukich- Gives Zoning Administrator flexibility.
Mr. Bruce- looks more conditional use than site plan, use common sense. Deals more commercial.
Mr. Koopman- Don’t do site plans for residential.
Mr. Bruce- landscape plan- for commercial-duplicated.
Mrs. Vogele- questioned (d)(17) b/a and d/a.
Mr. Koopman- refers to floor area/lot area ratio
Mr. Koopman- part of the PUD process- Conditional Use to Site Plan
Mr. Simonson- Berms in the PUD to tell elevation?
Mr. Bruce- yes.
(h)(1) o.k.
1,2,3 are specific things that you have to do o.k.
Discuss Town and Staff
*Larry 6.04 (2)(b) discuss topography- not required, steep slopes not defined. Feels important on any site plan. Get rid of Steep slope.
Insert: Topography –information is required for all properties with a minimum contour interval of two feet.
* 6.04 (3)(b)(7) eliminate “Master”
* (b)(2) USGA 7.5 minute quadrangle map for Town of Germantown
(8) o.k.
(d) o.k.
(4) o.k.
* 6.04 (g) add “map” to certified survey
Mr. Bean discuss 6.05(a) modification
Mr. Vukich discuss penalties- do we have them
Mr. Bruce- write citations and have fines.
* (8)(c ) discuss Eliminate
* ”d” becomes “c”
* “e” becomes “d”
6.07- o.k.
6.08- discuss. PUD’s have been approved with no time limits
6.06 question why in there
Mr. Koopman- in for extenuating circumstances
Mr. Simonson- is comfortable with this in, feels can keep in..
Mr. Vukich reviewed changes.
Motion to make aforementioned changes be approved was made by Mr. Vukich. Second/ Mr. Simonson.
Roll call vote- Mr. Bean-yes, Mr. Vukich-yes, Mr. Collis-yes, Mrs. Vogele-yes, Chairman Simonson-yes. Motion carried.
Discuss changes and 3.08(1) refers to 3.08(4) eliminate “subject to the criteria set forth in section 3.08(4)”.
Motion made by Mr. Simonson to approve change to 3.08(1) as presented.
Second Mr. Collis. Roll call vote. Mr. Bean-yes, Mr. Vukich-yes, Mr. Collis-yes, Mrs. Vogele-yes, and Chairman Simonson-yes. Motion carried.
Chairman calls for the next meeting to be Oct 10, 2012 at 5:30p.m.
Will work on section 7 and 8. Mr. Bean questioned if there was a job description for the Zoning Administrator?
Motion made by Mr. Collis to adjourn the meeting. Second by Chairman Simonson Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted, Marion L. Uphoff