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O’Dell’s Bay Sanitary District No. 2



January 10, 2023



8:30 a.m.
Call to Order:
Call to order by Steve Laridaen

In Attendance:
Steve Laridaen; Jeni Pink; Jim Murphy, Sanitary District #1; Kyra Cassidy, MSA; Jason Terry, MSA;  Brian Loyd, Juneau County Park

Old Business:
• Motion to approve minutes from March 8, 2022 by Steve Laridaen
Seconded by Jeni Pink

New Business:
• Lucio Lanza was appointed to the board due to the resignation of Jim Reed.

Budget Report
o Financial Agenda Items
▪ Checking Balance as of 12/31/2022 $86,306.33
▪ Accounts Receivable as of 1/9/2023 $2,925.00
• Delinquent Accounts consist of John Olles $200; Betty McNeil-Pedroza $200; Al Saporiti $200; Jeff Chassee $175; Jim Kuppler $200; Portifino Bay LLC $1,425; Portifino Bay Restaurant $525
▪ Expense Report January – December 2022 $17,312.64
o Motion to approve the financial items by Steve Laridaen
Seconded by Jeni Pink

• Castle Rock Condo sewer issues
o Reviewed smoke test and odor logger data submitted by MSA.
▪ Portifino had 3 major leaks
▪ Stay Spa took longer to billow
▪ We were given summary of work done to resolve odor problem. (See attachment)
▪ Sanitary District has gone above and beyond to get data and help resolve odor problem. Issues inside the condos is not the responsibility of District.
▪ Suggested to work with Juneau County Campground (See attachment)


• Discussed steps needed to merge with Sanitary District #1
o Tabled this discussion for another time

Adjourn Meeting:
Motion to adjourn meeting by Jeni Pink
Seconded by Steve Laridaen


Summary of 2022 on Caste Rock Garden Condos Odor Issues
• Smoke testing completed a second time in February
• Report of results emailed to the District on April 28
• Data loggers were deployed May 10
• A survey was emailed to District for condo occupants May 11
• A follow up email to District was sent May 27 and the survey was resent May 31
• An email was sent to the District June 21 providing a narrative of the data collected and asking
about the surveys or the occupants
• MSA left survey forms at each condo and turned the exhaust fan on due to the hydrogen sulfide
concentrations measured on the data loggers
• MSA inspected facilities at the County Campground June 23
• An email was sent to the District and the County Park June 24 providing additional details and
recommending next steps
• MSA operated the exhaust fans for a short time in July and quickly received a call regarding the
odors once it was turned off. MSA met the occupants onsite to investigate the odors and discuss
• MSA continued to collect hydrogen sulfide data throughout the summer
• MSA discussed monitoring results with Steve Laridaen in late July. The results suggested that
when the fan was operational, odors were not present, and this further supported that the
odors in the building were related to interior plumbing deficiencies
• A follow up meeting was discussed during the conversation with Steve Laridaen. As of the
present day, a meeting has yet to be held, but is still recommended.


MSA Monitoring Result Potential Options
The monitoring that we have conducted points toward odors being caused by the County Campground RV Dump Station. Those odors, while generated at the Campground, are experienced differently by individual customers based on individual customers’ circumstances. Some customers’ odors are likely due to interior (private) plumbing inconsistencies or deficiencies that are not the responsibility of District. Other customers’ odors may be a result from being close to a point where odors are vented, such as at a lift station. The items that follow are a summary of potential options to address the issues:
1. Assuming the Sewer Ordinance would support the directive, require Juneau County to install odor control measures at the RV Station. There are chemicals that can be added to reduce hydrogen sulfide; however, they can be costly in the long-term and require continual dosing in order to be effective.
2. Work with Juneau County Campground to replace the existing Septic Tank Effluent Pumping (STEP) system with a grinder-pump based system that pumps RV waste into District sewer system more consistently. Ideally, this change would reduce the amount of time the RV waste sits in the existing septic tank. Reducing the amount of time RV waste sits in the septic tank should also reduce the amount of hydrogen sulfide that is generated.
3. Work with Portofino to have them modify their current gravity-based discharge to District sewer system such that their internal plumbing instead flows to a grinder pump station. The grinder pump station would then discharge to the existing gravity manhole.
4. Alternatively, it is possible that Portofino odors would be mitigated by the construction of a proper flow line in the existing receiving manhole coupled with modification of the existing manhole.
5. Suggest that Juneau County Campground re-route their force main so that it no longer discharges into the gravity sewer system, but instead discharges directly into the force main leaving the lift station.