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O’Dells Bay Sanitary District No. 1



Half Moon Bay Clubhouse
N7832 Lake View Ct
New Lisbon, WI 53950
September 12, 2019
9:00 a.m.


Present: Board Members Jim Murphy, Pat Connors, Jim Marx, Jim Keene, Brad Pavloski, Administrator Kathy Oliver, Tom Fitzwilliams from MSA, Gregg Haunroth

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM at the Half Moon Bay Clubhouse.


A motion was made by Pat Connor, seconded by Jim Marx to approve the minutes from the May 9, 2019 regular meeting. Motion carried 5-0.

Administrator’s Report

-Financial Status Summary Financial information was provided by Kathy Oliver, including bank account balances, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Tom Fitzwilliams commented that we should position ourselves financially to possibly take a low interest loan for our upgarde if we can get it. He also commented that we have a good chance of getting some grant money and we should keep this in mind when next renewing our CD.

-Connections Update There have been 20 connections YTD 2019. The District has an overall current total of 1067 members.

Wastewater Update –

Tom Fitzwilliams explained that the District facility typically runs well below our PSI capacity in the low pressure sewer system. It is anticipated that the PSI level rises during peak usage periods, when more members are using their vacation properties, etc. However, we are not aware of actual impact. At our May meeting approval was given to install pressure sensors to measure actual levels over the summer. Tom reported that the highest pressures were measured between late June and early July (over the week of July 4th) in the sensor that was installed at the northernmost point monitored. The highest pressure was about 12psig and in general we ran in the 4-8 range, which is very typical and normal per Tom. Our pumps are rated up to 80psig, and Tom commented that as long as we stay below 20 we are in a really good place. Brad Pavloski asked if Tom feels we will remain at these low levels for the foreseeable and long term future and Tom replied yes, adding that this pressure issue applies to “conveyance” of water to the plant, not to actual plant capacity.

Gregg Haunroth asked if every home is the District has their own grinder pump, as he has been asked this question as Chairman of the Town of Germantown. The answer is yes, with Pat Connors reminding us that the exception would be the homes in the O’Dell’s Bay development. Gregg also asked what the procedure is for a homeowner to follow should their grinder pump fail. Tom commented that almost any plumber can repair and replace, and that the SD#1 board would prefer that pumps be replaced with the Environmental One model, as this is what the system was designed to work best with. Following our pressure test results Tom and SD#1 will be putting together a written piece with recommended grinder pump detailed information and will ask the Town of Germantown to distribute to all plumbers pulling permits. There was discussion on the price and availability of the EOne pumps and Brad Pavloski has contact info of the sales rep if anyone needs it. Tom commented that most plumbers should be able to purchase them also. He also commented that while we can recommend use of this EOne pump, we can ‘t make it mandatory. Pat Connors asked if the DNR has any requirements, and Tom said that they do not.

Review 2018 CMAR Report

Tom Fitzwilliams presented a summary of the District’s 2018 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report, which is conducted and presented by the DNR annually to measure various actions and plans of the District to ensure proper results and compliance. We received “A” grades in every area measured, with the exception of Phosphorus levels. Jim Murphy asked why we received the “C” grade for phosphorus. Discussion followed on the plan that is being implemented by the District to meet phosphorus requirements as mandated by the DNR. MSA is coordinating plan efforts and is on track to date with the process. Tom commented that the next requirement is in June 2020 when we will need to submit our Final Plans and Specifications. Tom will work with the board this winter on those details and budgeting. He noted that while the DNR currently asks that contraction be stated by September 2020, that timeframe is not optimal for construction scheduling and costs. We have until June of 2023 to completed such construction, so Tom anticipates we will wait until spring of 2021 to begin. Pat Connor asked about the costs of the project and Tom said we will have some of those numbers in the next few months. He explained the process for applying for Clean Water Fund low interest loans, and grants and feels we have a very good chance of receiving both. Jim Murphy asked how involved the board will need to be in the implementation of our plan and Tom said the MSA is prepared to do the bulk of the work and that the board can choose how involved they want to be. He reiterated that we will know more specifics the next few months after he works more on the plan. Gregg Haunroth asked about cost feasibility of applying for grants. Tom estimates that cost woudl be approx $50,000 overall, with $10,000 of that in the pre-approval process. He told the board that MSA is well versed in what is required and highly recommends that we do apply for the grant. Tom presented an Environmental Improvement Fund Online Submittal Authorizeation certificate asking for the board’s approval for MSA to submit materials on the District’s behalf. Brad Pavloski made a Motion to accept and give such approval, with a second by Pat Connors. Motion carried 5-0. Jim Murphy signed the certificate on behalf of the District and Board.      

Public Comment –

Gregg Haunroth was in attendance on behalf of the Town of Germantown to learn about the Sanitary System and any plans or policies that would apply when a homeowner that is not currently connected needs to replace their septic system. He asked if they would ever be required to hook-up or what the trigger would be to require such. There was discussion about impact of septic systems on the lake and ponds within the District. Tom Fitzwilliams mentioned that the typical trigger for other Districts/Municipalities like ours is an environmental or well water quality issue. This is determined by the health code and the municipality has the ability to set an ordinance if needed. Gregg mentioned that in setting any ordinance the Township would want direction from the Sanitary District and that the county would also possibly have input. Jim Murphy suggested that he, Gregg Haunroth and Tom Fitzwilliams meet with the county to discuss and learn before moving forward with further discussion. Jim and Gregg will move forward to set up the meeting. Tom Fitzwilliams will get an updated copy of the Sanitary District system map for the Township.

Brad Pavloski asked what the policy is when an owner buys two adjacent properties with the intent to combine into one. Would they still be required to pay the NMRCA fee on both. Pat Connor said that in the past it has been required, and currently still is, that the fee be paid on both.


A motion was made by Pat Connors, seconded by Jim Marx, to adjourn at 10:15 AM. Motion carried with all in favor. The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 14 at 9:00AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Oliver, Administrator