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Planning Commission Meeting


Town of Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
April 21, 2021
5:30 p.m.

Present: Commission Chair Shannon Armel, Commissioners Gervase Thompson, Keith Korbein, Ken Jax, Mick McCormick, Zoning Administrator Dick Martin, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Michaele Korbein

Absent: None

Guests:   None


Call to Order

Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Chairperson Shannon Armel at the Germantown Town Hall at 5:30 p.m.




Possible approval of meeting minutes.

Ken Jax made a motion, seconded by Gervase Thompson, to approve the March 24, 2021 minutes.  Motion passed 5-0.


Work session on camping and camping ordinance.

Discussed language as presented in the proposed updated camping ordinance, including camping fees and camping fines for violations. Need to maintain consistency in definitions throughout all ordinances.  Goal of camping ordinance is to limit sewage discharge on the ground from campers -like a neighboring township is dealing with. Compared to the previous copy, Section Five language was missing from tonight’s copy that needs to be put back in.  Ken Jax made a motion, seconded by Keith Korbein to approve the proposed language on the updated camping ordinance as presented with Section Five language added back in; motion passed 5/0.    Then discussed fees and fines.  Ken Jax made a motion, seconded by Keith Korbein, to approve the fees as $150/season (May 15-September 15) or $30/month, and fines as $200/day plus town cost plus possible jail time up to six months and possible seizure of property; motion passed 4/1.


Work session on signs and sign ordinance.

This will be on agenda next month. Need to consider streamers/banners.



Next meeting will be May 26, 2021 at 5:30pm.

Ken Jax made a motion, seconded by Keith Korbein, to adjourn at 6:46pm.  Motion carried 5-0.


Respectfully Submitted,



Michaele Korbein

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer