Town of Germantown

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Planning Commission Meeting


Town of Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
April 9, 2019
5:30 p.m.

Present: Chairman Dale Simonson, Members Roger Bean, George Vucich, Keith Korbein, Jan Brendle, Jim Collis, Skip Barton, Zoning Administrator Dick Martin, Clerk/Treasurer Susan Ganther

 Absent: Shannon Vogele

 Also Present: Brad Pavloski, Pat Pavloski, and Chris Renner


The meeting was called to order in the Town of Germantown at 5:30 p.m.

Brad Pavloski provided timeline information for PUDs.

The timeline is as follows:

Stone Gate: Approximately ¾ platted

Copper Point: 100% platted

High Ridge: A few properties remain

Rock Island: Start 2014. Finish 2016

Campfire Lake: Start 2015 finish 2019

Bear Paw Lake: Start 2019. Finish 2020

Campfire Lake North: Start 2020. Finish 2024

Sand Point: 4 or 5 lakes. Sell in phases. Start 2024. Finish 2032

Best Power: Start 2032. Finish 2040.


Dale Simonson asked Brad Pavloski if there were plans to “pyramid” the lakefront property that was purchased on 16th. Mr. Pavloski stated that there are no plans to “pyramid” that property. It was purchased because it was a good deal and would allow his work crews to have work to do over the winter. Trees were removed from the property to improve the lake view from the home.


Update to Ordinance 22

All members have a current copy of Ordinance 22. A motion was made by Roger Bean, seconded by Jim Collis, to accept previously discussed changes and to send to the town attorney for approval. Motion carried.



The County is redoing their Shoreland/Wetland Zoning Ordinance. It was agreed that it would be a good time to align the Town’s with the County’s so there is not conflicting information. Dick Martin will contact County Zoning Administrator, Dave Donally, to have him attend future meetings to work through this project with the Town.


A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Jan Brendle, to adjourn at 6:03 p.m. Motion carried.