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Planning Commission Meeting


Town of Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
December 15, 202
5:30 p.m.

Present: Commission Chair Shannon Armel, Commissioners Ken Jax, Keith Korbein, Gervase Thompson,  Mick McCormick, Zoning Administrator Dick Martin, Mick McCormick, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Michaele Korbein

Absent:  None

Guests:  None



Call to Order

Planning Commission meeting was called to order at the Germantown Town Hall at 5:30 pm.


Possible approval of meeting minutes.

Ken Jax made a motion, seconded by Keith Korbein, to approve the minutes from the October 13, 2021 Planning Commission meeting.  Motion passed 5-0.


Work session, discussion, and possible approval of Camping ordinance and camping fees from fee schedule.

Wisconsin Towns Association has not replied to Shannon’s email yet.  According to Carol Nawrocki, a WTA attorney who attended the last WTA Convention, you cannot legislate camping.  Gervase said our camping ordinance has been in effect since 1969. If it is camping in a campground, then it is regulated through our zoning ordinance.  However, we need to regulate the waste from those who want to camp on their own lots.  So the question is: can we regulate this through the ‘back-door’ -through the zoning ordinance?  No state statute regulates camping and campers.   Shannon will forward her email to Michaele and Michaele can re-forward to the WTA for a reply, for the next meeting so this will be placed on the next agenda.


Work session and discussion of which ordinances are up for review

Ordinances needing review and possible updating:  15,18,25,48,49,27,13,& 43.

Need to include UTVs in ATV ordinance at some point.

Need to work on short-term rentals; this will be placed on the next agenda, along with the fee schedule work.

Updating of the subdivision ordinance can be scheduled after that.

Ordinances that could be considered for a possible traffic code:  7,13,30,43,46,48,57,&60.

Ordinances 4&15 deal with construction of driveways town roads.



Next meeting will be January 12, 2022 at 5:30pm.

Ken Jax made a motion to adjourn  at 6:15 pm, seconded by Keith Korbein.  Motion passed 5-0.

Meeting adjourned at 6:33pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Michaele Korbein

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer