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Planning Commission Meeting


Town of Germantown Town Hall

N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
September 30, 2020
5:30 p.m.

Present:   Commissioners Keith Korbein, Ken Jax, Gervase Thompson,  Zoning Administrator Dick Martin, 

                  Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Michaele Korbein

Absent:    Commission Chair Shannon Armel, Commissioner Mick McCormick, 

Guests:    None




Call to Order

The Planning Commission meeting was called by to order Keith Korbein at the Germantown Town Hall at 5:30 p.m.




Possible approval of meeting minutes

Gervase Thompson made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 2, 2020 Planning Commission meeting, seconded by Ken Jax.  Motion passed 3-0.


Work session on zoning ordinance updates with possible presentation by Vierbicher

Vierbicher was not here to do any presentation.


Discussion followed on shipping containers, as there have been calls from people checking to see if they would be allowed to be put on their property for storage.  Semi-trailers are not allowed for storage.  Our building inspector, Tracy Johnson, indicated to Dick Martin that a building permit would not be needed for a shipping container for storage; Dick would only need to issue a zoning permit and the fee would be based on square footage.  Include in Zoning Ordinance Section 11 Definitions and in Section 2.11 Accessory Uses and Structures.  Have a limit of one per parcel, must be kept in good condition, have a minimum of setting it on a gravel pad/base, rear yard only.  We can permit them, but do not want them in Town Center.  May need to be a Conditional Use in Town Center to avoid being sued if not allowed?  Maybe also include a definition in the Land Use Ordinance.


Manufactured Home vs Modular Home:  A Manufactured Home is completed entirely, certified by HUD, and can just be moved in.  A Modular Home would be assembled on site partially or completely.


Clarifications were made regarding a building permit vs a zoning compliance. Two different entities are involved doing two different functions:  The Zoning Administrator does the zoning compliance and the Building Inspector issues the building permits. Currently this system works well right now to keep the processes separate. 


The Conservancy Strip measurements in section 3.03 3(b) was not changed because of land taxation, but because of State and County regulations.  


Junkyards was removed from the Land Use ordinance and left in the Zoning Ordinance.  The DNR can issue a person a license for a junkyard, but it would still have to come to the Town for a permit which then can be denied.   Also need to make sure to amend spreadsheet for this to be a conditional use in the Commercial District. 


The lot width of residential lots is not always 100 feet in a PUD, as it is determined during the PUD process.


The Procedural Requirement section of 3.08 (5) was streamlined through the Conditional Use Permit Review Process flowchart.


Section 5.17 Notice to DNR says that ”Final action on the application shall not be taken for 30 days or until the DNR has made its recommendation, whichever comes first.”   There were concerns that it would be nice to know what the DNR thought before the public hearing happens rather than after.  Maybe amend that statement by removing  “or until” and inserting “after”, and by also removing “whichever comes first”.


All agreed that Josh Langen  from Viebicher needs to be here to go over the changes and to field any questions. 


Discussion on signs and sign ordinance

Nothing discussed.


Discussion on camping and camping ordinance

Nothing discussed.



The next Planning Commission meeting to be October 14, 2020  at 5:30pm.



Ken Jax made a motion, seconded by Gervase Thompson, to adjourn at 6:45pm.  Motion carried 3-0.



Respectfully Submitted,



Michaele Korbein, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer