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O’Dells’s Bay Sanitary District No. 1

Public Hearing Minutes 

                                                                                    Held Remotely via Skype

                                                                                               April 30, 2020

                                                                                                     9:00 AM

Present: Board Members Jim Murphy, Jim Keene, Brad Pavloski, Pat Connors, Jim Marx,  Administrator Kathy Oliver, Tom Fitzwilliams from MSA, Rod Abbrederis (All members present via Skype)

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM via Skype. Notice was given and posted as required. Affadavit of Posting is attached.  


Wastewater/Compliance Update – Facility Plan, Concept and Cost Estimate

Tom Fitzwilliams, from MSA Professional Services, Inc. presented the proposed Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Plan Document for the District. Tom and MSA have been working with the district since the construction of the existing treatment facility. They work with many similar districts in the State if Wisconsin. 

Discussion during the presentation included the wastewater facility planning process, the required improvements to the treatment facility, financing the project, and the financial impact of the proposed improvements.  A copy of the presentation and Plan Document is attached. The upgrade is needed because O’Dell’s Bay Sanitary District’s existing WPDES permit includes new effluent phosphorus limits which need to be met by May 2022. The current treatment system is not designed to remove phosphorus to the new limits. In addition, the plant is over 30 years old, which has led to deterioration of equipment and buildings.

Jim Murphy asked if we could adopt and proceed with the plan as-is and make changes to the plan as we move through the process. Tom explained that yes, in fact, there would likely be some changes made as we secure financing, go through the bid process, and make decisions on the best building options. Jim noted that we have until November 2020 to make decisions on any member annual rate changes, and into 2021 to make adjustments to building options.  The actual construction process is anticipated to begin in March or April of 2021.

Rod Abbrederis (attending as a member of the public) asked about the impact of the upgrade on daily operations and manpower. Tom explained that MSA is the certified operator in charge of the facility. MSA currently has a representative, Jason Terry, who visits the plant weekly, and other times as needed. The district employs Arvin Gates, who performs a physical visit to check the facility daily, and also performs basic maintenance, including grounds keeping.  According to Tom, it is anticipated that the upgrade would possibly require more frequent visits by Jason Terry. Otherwise things would continue to operate as they are now. With technology MSA is able to continually monitor operations remotely. The plan includes any additional costs for this in the Operations and Maintenance area. Tom added that Jason Terry is willing to give a tour of the facility to anyone who is interested. They just need to contact Tom to arrange a visit on a Wednesday.     

With no further comment or questions Pat Connors made a motion to approve, and for MSA to submit the plan to the DNR and begin the process of applying for grants and low interest loans. The motion was seconded by Jim Keene. A roll call vote resulted in the motion passing with all in favor, as follows:

Pat Connors – yes

Brad Pavloski – yes

Jim Keene – yes

Jim Marx – yes

Jim Murphy – yes



A motion was made by Brad Pavloski, seconded by Jim Keene, to adjourn at 9:35 AM.  Motion carried with all in favor.  The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 9AM. Please note that the meeting will most likely need to be held remotely.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Oliver, Administrator