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O’Dells’s Bay Sanitary District No. 1


Held remotely via Skype

May 13, 2021

9:00 AM 



Present: (all via Skype) Board Members Jim Murphy, Jim Keene, Brad Pavloski, Ken Jax, Rod Abbrederis. Administrator Kathy Oliver, Tom Fitzwilliams from MSA, Kyra Cassidy from MSA, Steve Laridaen

Call to Order/Approve Agenda-

The meeting was called to order via Skype at 9:01 AM and the agenda was approved by Jim Murphy, President. With all board members present, we did have a quorum.


A motion was made by Brad Pavloski, seconded by Rod Abbrederis to approve the minutes from the March 11, 2021 regular meeting. Motion carried 5-0.

Administrator’s Report –

-Financial Status Summary Financial information was provided by Kathy Oliver, including bank account balances, accounts payable and accounts receivable. 

-Connections Update .  We’ve had 10 connections YTD in 2021.

Discussion and Possible Action on WWTF Operators Report–

Tom Fitzwilliams reported on the daily operations. Average influent flow for March was .0372 MGD and April was .0402 MGD. Average effluent flow for March was .0536 MGD and April was .0616 MGD. Effluent ammonia concentrations have been increasing since January. We had one weekly violation in April. Beginning in May the monthly average limit is 10mg/l, and the weekly average limit is 16 mg/l.  Increased flows and ammonia levels support our decision to upgrade the facility. In other non-routine work 17th avenue maps were done for Oakdale Electric installation of new poles in that area on April 19/20. The gravity sewer on Osprey Drive was cleaned and televised. There had been some issues with lateral backups and odor complaints. We plan to do more air release valve and flushing valve maintenance this summer.

Discussion and Possible Action on Sanitary District #2 Campground Addition-

Steve Laridaen from OBSD #2 is requesting that the district accept a new 40 acre parcel to the district. Current plans are to develop the parcel into an approximate 78 site campground. Tom Fitzwilliams commented that with the upgraded facility the district will be able to handle the flows from the land. A motion was made by Ken Jax, with a second by Jim Keene to accept Parcel #290121417 into the district. Motion carried with all in favor. Following discussion on how/what fees to charge the campground it was decided that a special committee would be formed to look into this and other campground/facility charges in consideration of state recommendations and other factors. Members of the committee will be Jim Murphy, Rod Abbrederis, Ken Jax and Kathy Oliver, along with Tom Fitzwilliams from MSA.   

Discussion and Possible Action on WWTF Construction Update-

Kyra Cassidy commented that Wapasha Construction plans to mobilize and start excavating in the next 1-2 weeks. A formal construction schedule has not been received from Wapasha at this time. MSA is reviewing submittals from Wapasha. There will be a total of about 90 submittals. We have received 5 so far. Tom and Kyra are working with landowners Jim & Sheila Marx on an easement for the lift station on land they own in O’Dells Bay. We need additional space there for a generator and enclosure of some kind. They will work together on options and costs for an acceptable enclosure for all parties involved. Kyra mentioned that it will also need to be approved by Township of Germantown zoning. She will work with them to get approval.

Public Comment –

There were no public comments


A motion was made by Brad Pavloski, Seconded by Jim Keene, to adjourn at 9:50 AM.  Motion carried with all in favor.  The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 9:00AM.

Respectfully Submitted,


Kathy Oliver, Administrator