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O’Dells’s Bay Sanitary District No. 2

                                                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING


                                                         May 27, 2020


In attendance:

Jim Reed

Jeni Pink

Steve Laridaen

Al Conti


Steve Laridaen called the meeting to order at 8:05am. Minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting were approved.

Noted that an announcement for annual meeting was mailed to each individual property owner.


Old Business:

  • Past due accounts from 2019 were turned over to Germantown Township in October to be submitted with

property tax bills.

  • Information for new owners is updated as received from Title Company.


New Business:

  • Unique Customers on rolls as of May 26,2020: 99

      Units/Lots: 122

  • Budget Items

      Financial Reports included Income Report, Expense Report, Balance Sheet/Cash on Hand Report

  • Expense Report January 1 to May 31 = $2,013.68
  • Accounts Receivable as of May 26 = $4,990
  • Cash on Hand as of May 26 = $83,777.44


  • Insurance on Pump Station (Cincinnati Insurance Company)

Policy effective date 9/19/19 to 9/19/20

  • Policy holds a $500 deductible with the exclusion of flood deductible which is $25,000


  • Assessment for FY 2021

No increase – dues to remain

  • $175/residential (all residential lots are charged the same regardless of development)
  • $500/commercial
  • $1,000/county



  • If power goes out, what happens?

MSA has direct phone line from the pump station and is notified of problems

MSA has key to pump station

MSA receives a quarterly maintenance fee of $225


Close Meeting

  • Meeting adjourned 8:46 am.