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O’Dells’s Bay Sanitary District No. 1



Half Moon Bay Clubhouse
N7832 Lake View Ct
New Lisbon, WI 53950
September 13, 2018
9:00 a.m.

Present: Board Members Jim Murphy, Pat Connors, Brad Pavloski, Jim Marx, Jim Keene, Administrator Kathy Oliver, MSA Rep Matt Morrow, Pat Pavloski

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 9:00AM at the Half Moon Bay Clubhouse

A motion was made by Jim Keene, seconded by Jim Marx to approve the minutes from the July regular meeting. Motion carried 5-0.

Administrator’s Report
Financial information was provided. YTD connections information was provided. We are moving forward with the audit by MBE, and Kathy will email board members to let them know when the face-to-face meeting is scheduled. Carrie Kudick will be asked to assist with the audit meeting.

Non-Routine Service Requests
This item was tabled pending input from Tom Fitzwilliams, who was unable to attend today.

A complete set of Bylaws for the Sanitary District Board was presented for adoption. A motion was made by Jim Keene, seconded by Brad Pavloski to adopt the Bylaws as written. Motion carried 5-0.

District Legal Representation
Bids for legal services were obtained from 2 attorneys. After discussion a motion was made by Pat Connors, seconded by Jim Marx to hire Timothy Homar. Mr. Homar was recommended by Tom Fitzwilliams from MSA. He currently works with MSA and other sanitary districts. Motion carried 5-0.

Campfire Lake
Matt Morrow from MSA, on behalf of Great Northern Timber, LLC, presented a recommendation Memo from Tom Fitzwilliams and asked the district to approve acceptance of wastewater from the new Campfire Lake Development. After discussion of the District’s capacity ability and status of the Developers Agreement, a motion was made by Jim Keene, seconded by Pat Connors to approve acceptance of wastwater, upon the Developer’s completion of the 4 conditions set by MSA in the Memo. Motion was carried with Jim Keene, Jim Murphy and Pat Connors in favor. Jim Marx and Brad Pavloski abstained. Regarding the status of the Developers Agreement, Kathy Oliver will forward the current draft to Tim Homar, along with a copy of the Ordinance, and ask for his recommendations to finalize the agreement.

Public Comment
Jim Marx asked for clarification on the damage and repairs to the communications tower.

A motion was made by Pat Connors , seconded by Jim Keene to adjourn at 9:40 a.m. Motion carried 5-0.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kathy Oliver, Administrator