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O’Dell’s Bay Sanitary District No. 1



Half Moon Bay Clubhouse
N7832 Lake View Ct
New Lisbon, WI 53950
September 8, 2022
9:00 a.m.

Present: (all via Teams) Board Members  Jim Murphy, Jim Keene, Brad Pavloski, Randy Dorshorst, Rod Abbrederis, Administrator Kathy Oliver,  Kyra Cassidy, Tom Fitzwilliams

Call to Order/Approve Agenda-

The meeting was called to order via Microsoft Teams at 9:03 AM and the agenda was approved by the board. With all 5 board members present, we did have a quorum.

Approval of Minutes-

A motion was made by Jim Keene, seconded by Brad Pavloski, to approve the minutes from the July 14, 2022 regular meeting with no changes or corrections. Motion carried with all in favor.

Discussion and Possible Action on Administrator’s Report –

-Financial Status Summary  Financial information was provided by Kathy Oliver, including bank account balances, accounts payable and accounts receivable. In addition Kathy presented an updated report on Expenditures and Loan Disbursements for the WWTF Upgrade Project. Jim Keene asked about amount of contingencies on the project. Tom commented about 5%. We’ve had 39 connections YTD 2022, with a number more requests awaiting connection.  Our current members, Connected and Unconnected, total 1,289. Motion was made by Jim Keene, 2nd by Randy Dorshorst, to approve the Administrator’s Report. Motion carried with all in favor. 

Discussion and Possible Action on Relocation of District Office-

There was discussion on moving our office space for the Administrator to the new plant office building, and the steps/purchases that would need to be done. Jim Keene made a motion to proceed with plans to move by the end of the year and to approve expense of up to $5,000.00 for a new computer, and other necessities for the space. With a 2nd by Randy Dorschorst, the motion carried with all in favor.   

Discussion and Possible Action on Pavloski Request to Include Lands within OBSD#1

There was discussion on adding a number of parcels to the district land for future connection to our facilities. See attached Exhibit A for land description. There was discussion of possible impact on flows, and connection timing/options. Tom Fitzwilliams commented that in a growing district there is constant need to watch flow, etc and that we have improved our facility to be able to accommodate needs for adding these lands without any immediate impact. A Motion was made by Jim Keene, with a 2nd by Randy Dorshorst, to approve addition of the land. Brad Pavloski abstained, and the Motion passed with the 4 remaining members in favor. 


WWTF Operations Update-

Tom Fitzwilliams commented that influent flow was offline for a few days due to construction. Effluent flow has been a little high due to rain. Average flows are consistently higher than last year, but still well below capacity. We will continue to see flow trend increase and will monitor at each meeting. Effluent ammonia levels are doing well with the new equipment, and Phosphorus treatment is just getting up and running. The contractor needs to fine tune the process. He also reported on non-routine work including a number of service connections and other issues that were addressed in the last 2 months.

Discussion and Possible Action on WWTF Construction Update-

Kyra Cassidy provided an update on the upgrade project. Wapasha Construction completed the following since July 2022:

-Installed Well (We now have good water quality)

-Completed roof installation and other Control Building finishes

-Complete Blower Building Improvements

-Started up Lagoon Blower No 2


Work left to be Completed:

-Facility cleaning

-Site grading and seeding-may be too late in the year to meet spec-if so, we may withhold payment on this part

-Punchlist Items


Additional Work:

-Fence and landscaping at lift station-$ will come from contingency expenses and Kathy Oliver currently has the authority to approve expenses of up to $10,000.00, so she will work with Kyra to get this item and the Gate item completed.

-Lockbox for gate opener-or maybe keypad – Kyra will explore options

-Soda ash hopper modifications


Project Financials Update:

-Original Contract:      $2,352,777.77

-Change Orders:          $47,652.82

-Current Contract       $2,400,430.00

-Approved Pay Apps: $2,076,288.69

-Left to Finish:             $322,719.12


Kyra mentioned that lagoon covers need repair and that there is an allowance item in the budget for it. She suggest we ask the contractor for a credit for that amount and work directly with Lemna to have the repairs completed. She mentioned that we may need a Change Order to extend the contract date. She will work with Britta Moline to figure out how much ‘”Out of Pocket” expenses the District will have in the project for our next meeting.


Discussion and Possible Action on Curb Stop Damages-

Jason Terry commented that he is seeing more damages than normal happening during the construction process of new homes. He questioned if the District should be responsible for costs to repair/replace, or whether the contractor who did the damage should pay the cost. After discussion on marking the curb stops, determining who did the damage, and best practices, it was suggested that Jason will meet with the contractors individually when he is out on the job and explain the situation to try to get better cooperation on avoiding damage. He’ll also help Kathy Oliver with adding some language to the letter that goes out to contractors who pull permits from the Township to make them aware they may be held responsible for repair costs.



Discussion and Possible Action on Township Project/Gerke Excavation-

Kyra explained that during construction on the Town park project it was discovered that the curb stop for the Town Hall is on their property vs. ours. We will also need to add an additional curb stop for the new bathroom. Jason commented that if there are issues with them in the future we would most likely have to take both lift stations offline to make repairs, and that the new paved path will go over existing sewer lines. So the issues are location of curb stops, price to change them now during construction, and ownership if they are not located in the utility easement. Kyra said that if we were to move them to avoid future issues, now is the time to do it while Gerke is already out working on the area. She estimates cost would be $10,000-$15,000. Both Kyra and Jason agree that we should address the issues now to avoid more costly problems in the future. A Motion was made by Brad Pavloski, with a 2nd by Jim Keene, to approve expense of up to $10,000 for Kyra and Jason to negotiate the details with Gerke to fix the issues now. The Motion passed with all in favor.


Discussion and Possible Action on Landscaping at New Lift Station Generator-

Kyra and Rod Abbrederis are working on plans for fencing and landscaping, to be completed this fall. The expense will be covered with contingency funds.


Discussion and Possible Action on Open House at New Facility-

Kyra would like to wait until sometime in October to host an Open House to allow for final completion of the construction.


Discussion and Possible Action on Cost of Service Study Update-

Kyra reported that she is close to being able to propose new REU cost assignment. They have annualized commercial user flows by user and have a preliminary assessment of REU assignments for all users. She is currently evaluating each REU assignment at current REU rate and assessing potential revenue at different REU rates, and expects to have the report complete for our next meeting.


Discussion and Possible Action on GIS Map Project-

We had a surveyor do the Island Lake area and was unable to locate 20-30 service connections for the GIS mapping. He will work with Jason to find that that he was not able to. Jason says the cub stop damage issue is the problem here, and that staying on top of the issue will help with GIS mapping. Kyra thinks she may need up to 3 more days for surveying done at a cost of about $2,400. She asked for the board to approve this expense. A Motion was made by Randy Dorshorst, with a 2nd by Brad Pavloski to approve expense of up to $2,400. The Motion carried with all in favor.


Public Comment-

There was no public comment.


A motion was made by Brad Pavloski, Seconded by Randy Dorshortst, to adjourn at 10:58 AM.  Motion carried with all in favor.  The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 10th, 2022 at 9:00AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Oliver, Administrator