Town of Germantown

Office Website of the Town of Germantown, Juneau County, WI

Regular Town Board Meeting

corrected MINUTES

Town of Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
July 12, 2016
6:00 p.m.

Present:               Chairman Gregg Haunroth, Supervisors Skip Barton, Jim Collis, Ray Feldman and Dale Simonson, Zoning Administrator Dick Martin, Administrative Assistant Linda Salzwedel
Absent:                None

County Clerk Candidate
Renee Hazelton introduced herself to those in attendance and talked about running for Juneau County Clerk.

Appointment of new member and alternate to the Board of Appeals
A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Dale Simonson, to appoint Erin Voll as a new member and Lance Haldeman as the alternate of the Board of Appeals. Motion carried 5-0

A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Dale Simonson, to approve the minutes from the June meeting.  Motion carried 5-0.

Set date for August Board Meeting
The board meeting for August will be on August 16, 2016 due to Elections occurring on the normal 2nd Tuesday of the month.

A motion was made by Skip Barton, seconded by Jim Collis to approve vouchers 26436-26585 totaling $57,773.03 and EFTs totaling 6,062.30.  Motion carried 5-0.

Operator’s License
A motion was made by Skip Barton, seconded by Dale Simonson, to approve an Operator’s License for Kristine Moten for the Dirty Turtle, pending a background check by Deputy Green.  Motion carried 5-0.

Public Safety / Emergency Management Report
The unofficial minutes of the Public Safety meeting were read.

May calls for Emergency Services:  35 Police, 5 Fire, 11 Ambulance, 11 Alarms, 34 Traffic. Total 96

June calls: 46 Police, 10 Ambulance, 2 Fire, 7 Alarms, 27 Traffic, 7 Animal, 17 Misc.  Total 116

All projects are done. Weight signs have been put up temporarily because of the heat. Everything turned out well – happy with them.


Board Reports
Jim Collis
There are new owners of the Buckhorn Campground Resort and Buckhorn Store.

The New Lisbon Police met their goal of $20,000 down payment for a police dog so it is now in training.

Gregg Haunroth
In O’Dells Bay, ambulance calls are having difficulty locating addresses because of duplicates on North and South. Fred recommended to the President of O’Dells to have people who call in to give additional information to help them be found. Ray pointed out that this problem is part of the state highway commission study.

Dale Simonson
Dale will be attending the County Hwy meeting on July 20, 2016, in Ray’s place. He will be asking for a stoplight on Hwy 58 & G, by the BP station.


Building Permits
4 permits were issued in June.

Approval of fireworks application by Waterfest Committee
A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Dale Simonson, to approve the application for a fireworks application by the Waterfest Committee. Motion carried 5-0.

Public Comment

A motion was made by Dale Simonson, seconded by Ray Feldman, to adjourn at 7:23 p.m.  Motion carried 5-0.


Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Salzwedel, Administrative Assistant