Town of Germantown

Official Website of the Town of Germantown, Juneau County, WI

Regular Monthly Town Board Meeting


Town of Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
November 15, 2022
7:02 p.m.

Present:               Chairman Gregg Haunroth, Supervisors Ken Jax, Keith Korbein, Jim Collis, Ray Feldman, Zoning Administrator Dick Martin, Emergency Management Director Christopher Leopold, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Michaele Korbein

Absent:                Clerk/Treasurer Susan Ganther,


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at the town hall at 7:02 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Approved agenda in any order



A motion was made by Keith Korbein, seconded by Jim Collis, to accept the minutes of the October 11, 2022 Regular Monthly Board Meeting, the Board Budget Workshop Meeting of October 11, 2022, and the special Board meeting October 25, 2022. Motion carried 5-0.


Treasurer’s Report -Bank Reconciliation Report

The bank reconciliation was read and place on file for the auditor.


Vouchers and Checks

A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Keith Korbein, to approve the vouchers and checks #13361-13400 totaling $58,835.05, Park construction checks 5017-5018 totaling $93,153.65, municipal Court check 2009 for $95.00, Impact fee checks 5018-5019 totaling $93,153.64 and EFTs totaling $8446.22 for a total of $245,240.34  Motion carried 5-0.


Possible approval of Operator’s License Applications  –

One for Danica Flint.  Background check was done came back with no issues.

Ken Jax made a motion to approve Danica Flint for an operator license, second by Ray Feldman.  Motion carried 5-0.


Discussion and Possible Decision on exiting CRAM (County Recycling)

33 residents have used it this year and it costs the Town around $8,000.  DNR requires us to have recycling per State Statute.  Investigating partnering with Town of Necedah for a lesser cost. Keith Korbein made a motion to approach Necedah to partner with them to provide Germantown recycling only, seconded by Ken Jax.  Motion carried 5-0.


Discussion and Possible Approval of expansion of Sanitary District #1

Ken Jax made a motion to approve the expansion of Sanitary District #1 for the 12 parcels as detailed in the evening’s public hearing, seconded by Ray Feldman.  Motion passed 5/0.


Committee Reports:


Public Safety/Emergency Management  –Chris Leopold toured the old Best Power building.  He found some safety concerns that photographed.   Radios are inventoried.  New radio is in and programed; just waiting to be installed in the new truck.  He noted the County Emergency Management director was very interested in county-wide ambulance services but that the biggest struggle will be to find employees.

Roads –No report.

Zoning Administrators Report

6 new home permits issued last month, for a year-to-date total of 67 new homes.

Parks/Town Hall/Buildings

Well in the park will be drilled soon. Restroom goes in in February/March.  Project should hopefully finish in May and be open for Memorial Day.   Currently waiting on BTU to find a new furnace for the shop. 


     Board Reports:

Jim Collis – Services may be cut due to the people voting down the proposed increase in the levy.

Keith Korbein – No report.

Gregg Haunroth – his report was the update under Parks/Town Hall/Buildings.

Ken Jax – No Report.

Ray Feldman – The UW survey results should be put on the website.  He relayed the County will be replacing the Buckhorn Bridge as it is deteriorating.


Public Comment

Hiring of a sheriff for the summer during peak seasonality would need extra support and people would have better service being closer to the lake.  Having an old-time constable is not cost effective or feasible with the extensive training required nowadays.



A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Keith Korbein, to adjourn at 7:18pm.  Motion carried 5-0.

Respectfully Submitted,



Michaele Korbein

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer