Town of Germantown

Office Website of the Town of Germantown, Juneau County, WI

Regular Town Board Meeting


Town of Germantown Town Hall
N7560 17th Avenue
New Lisbon, WI 53950
October 14, 2014
6:00 p.m.


Present: Chairman Rosetta Boyle, Supervisors Jim Collis, Dale Simonson, Ray Feldman, Zoning Administrator Dick Martin, Emergency Management Director Fred Cobbs, Clerk/Treasurer Susan Ganther

Absent:  Supervisor Gregg Haunroth


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. in the Town of Germantown.

A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Dale Simonson, to approve the minutes from the September meeting.  Motion carried 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report
A motion was made by Rosetta Boyle, seconded by Dale Simonson to approve the Treasurer’s report.  Motion carried 4-0.

A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Dale Simonson, to accept checks 25349-25393 totaling $110,084.01 and EFTs totaling $8,285.74.  Motion carried 4-0.

Operator’s Licenses
A motion was made by Dale Simonson, seconded by Ray Feldman to approve Operator’s Licenses for Jessica Vandervort, Laura Stumpf, Lee Ann Sheley, Alexander DeGuire, Tamara Eastman, and Amy Steele.  Motion carried 3-0 with Jim Collis abstaining.

Ordinance 38:
Highlights of Ordinance 38 regarding regulating fireworks were explained as was the application itself.  Dale Simonson will check with Attorney Bill Curran about how to provide for board approved exemptions.

A motion was made by Dale Simonson, seconded by Ray Feldman, to approve Westland Insurance as the new insurance carrier contingent that any early cancellation fees would not be over and above any savings for the current term.  Motion carried 4-0.

The Town Board will consider ways to cut down trees in the town right of way and have them removed.  Ray Feldman suggested cutting the trees down and allowing residents who need the wood to haul it away.

The new website should be up and running on October 15.  It is hoped that the site will be ready to accept credit card payments for taxes by December.

Public Safety:
September number:  Police calls:  60, Fire calls: 1, Ambulance calls 11    The  Town is still waiting to have the radios reprogrammed.  The person who will do it is handling the entire county and therefore it is taking quite some time to get it done.  January 22 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. a full scale emergency exercise will take place.  Mauston Ambulance is projecting they will be a paramedic service in the first quarter of 2015.  A Community Wildfire Protection Program meeting will be taking place at the Town Hall on October 16.

Dick Martin will look into having 19th Street N striped.  Adams County does all the area counties.

The park bathrooms will be closed for the winter beginning the week of October 20.

Board Reports:
A quote for doing a reassessment was received from Claude Rigelmon.  The cost will be $43,700.

4 permits were issued.  2 were for new houses.

Public Comment:
Donna Case and Jack Hall spoke on behalf of the bar owners in the Township regarding the raise in license fees.

A motion was made by Jim Collis, seconded by Dale Simonson to adjourn at 6:40 p.m.  Motion carried 4-0.