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Forms and Permits

The following Forms & Permits are provided here for your convenience. Should you have any questions, please contact the Town Clerk at 608-562-5751.


Burning Permits

There are two types of Fires – one requires a permit and the other does not.

Debris Disposal Fire (leaves, brush & pine needles) This kind DOES REQUIRE a DNR burning permit! After the annual permit is obtained, check for daily restrictions by calling 1-888-WIS-BURN or visiting

Warming or Cooking Campfire (clean & dry wood)  DOES NOT REQUIRE a DNR burning permit. Campfires are allowed anytime, except during Emergency Burning Restrictions.

Burning permit can only be obtained form online at:

Know Your Wildfire Risks  We hope you will consider alternatives to burning.  But if you are going to burn brush, the safest time to burn is when the ground is completely snow covered.  Embers can stay hot for weeks, even when there is snow on the ground.  Make sure your burn pile is completely extinguished before spring arrives.


Camping Permit

Camping permit is required for camping. Review the Camping Ordinance.  Then print and complete the Camping Permit , and bring to the Germantown town hall along with the fee.


Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are required to be purchased yearly for all dogs in Juneau County.

Beginning with 2022, Juneau County will be taking care of dog licensing for all of the County and is going to a new online system for dog licensing, at    Dog licensing will no longer be done through the Town Clerk.  Information is listed below on how to get to the dog licensing website. Please note fees for Spayed/Neutered is $12.00 and Un-Altered is $15.00. If you have any questions please call or email the County Clerk’s office—608-847-9300 or [email protected] 


Driveway Access Permit Application

Download and fill out the application, and bring it to the Germantown town hall along with the fee.


Election & Voter Registration forms

EL-131 Online Voter Registration Application
EL-121 Application for Absentee Ballot Request  Find more information on our Elections page.


Fence Permit Application

Download and fill out the application, and bring it to the Germantown town hall. The fee is on the Fee schedule.


Operators License Application

Fill out the Operators License application and have it notarized, then bring it to the Town Hall along with the $20 application fee. If you would like us to notarize it, be sure to bring a valid photo I.D.

Liquor License Application

Visit the  WI Department of Revenue for information about liquor licenses.


Pool Permit

Download and fill out the application, and bring it to the Germantown town hall along with the fee.


Rezoning and Conditional Use Permit Application

Download and fill out the application, and bring it to the Germantown town hall.


Sign Permit Application

Download and fill out the application, and bring it to the Germantown town hall along with the fee.



FAQS from the State of WI re: the lottery credit
Lottery and Gaming credit forms
Juneau County Web Portal to search for your tax information


Town Hall and Park Rental

The Town Hall Community Center (capacity 167) is available to rent for your meetings, weddings, etc. Please call the office to make sure the date is available, then fill out the rental form and return it to the Town Hall.    Hall Rental Form

Each Day Will be a Separate Charge

Residents fee:                                                $200 ($150 may be refunded)
Non-resident fee:                                          $400 ($200 may be refunded)
Civic organizations with food                      $200 ($100 may be refunded)
Civic organizations without food                               No Charge


The Park (behind the Town Hall) is for the enjoyment of all residents and their guests. If planning a large get-together at the park, please call the office to make sure it is available, then fill out the rental form available at the town hall, and return it along with the $50 fee.    Park Rental Form  View a map of the property.


Moving a Building -Moving Permit Application

Click this link for building moving permit application


Building Permit Applications

Before you begin building, you need both a Zoning Permit and a Building Permit. The Zoning Permit is issued by the Town of Germantown, and the Building Permit is issued by Jeremy Phillis of GEC.  For your convenience, you can download the applications and instructions here for both or pick them up at the town office, and turn the completed applications in to the town office. Direct any fee questions for the Building Application to Jeremy Phillis of GEC. Contact information is included in the Building Permit Requirements and Fees document.

Zoning Compliance and Building permit packet for NEW HOME construction
(For electronic copy -click here, then click the small picture that comes up to download or to print)

Zoning Compliance and Building Permit packet for all other construction
(For electronic copy, click here and then click the small picture to download or print)


More Zoning Application information:
Application for Zoning Compliance Permits must be filed with the Town Zoning Administrator on forms furnished by the Town of Germantown.  The Zoning Administrator shall act on the application within fourteen (14) calendar days following its receipt.  If the application is rejected, the applicant will be notified, in writing, stating the reason(s) for rejection.  A copy of the rejection notice shall be delivered to the Town Clerk and the Chairperson of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

An application for a building permit must be accompanied by:

  1. A site plan showing he location of the building, structure, or dwelling to be placed on the lot, plus any existing buildings or structures, well and/or septic system on the property and driveway from the street or road edge to its termination, all with respect to property lines and in correct relation to each other, in scale or in size dimensions.
  2. Proof of ownership i.e. copy of deed or tax bill.
  3. A valid Juneau County Sanitary and/or Shoreland Zoning Permit must be presented to the Zoning Administrator prior to issuance of a Zoning Compliance Permit for a dwelling, structure or commercial building. NOTE:  Any construction within 1000 feet of a navigable water way requires a Juneau County Building Permit prior to issuance of a Germantown Zoning Compliance Permit.
  4. A Zoning Compliance Permit for a dwelling will NOT be issued for dwellings with less than 816 square feet on the ground level.
  5. Permit fees are as follows:
    1. A building or structure up to 400 square feet in area is $50
    2. A building or structure between 401 and 815 square feet is $70
    3. A building, dwelling or other structure 816 square feet or greater is $200
    4. A multi-family building, i.e. Condominium, is $200 per unit
    5. Non living space addition, i.e. carport, open porches, roof over manufactured home is $50
    6. Deck $50
    7. Motel (each living unit) $100
    8. Conditional use $200